Thrive during this period of uncertainty. Stay connected with your community. Grow personally. Support your family and friends.

Meditation Social

15 minute Meditation led by Yogi Marni Sclaroff

7:00am ET - Thursdays (weekly)

10:00 am ET - Thursdays (weekly)

TEENS and COLLEGE STUDENTS: Financial Bootcamp with the Concentric Team

Check out our MoneySmartSeries for teenagers and young adults, a candid forum for answering common questions and offering tips for high-schoolers and college students. Our MoneySmart series has become a favorite among students and we’ll be announcing our weekly schedule of topics soon.

(30 minutes) Every Wednesday at 1:00pm ET, beginning Wednesday, April 1st - June 12th

ADULTS: Money Talk with the Concentric Team

We will also be making space each week for a high level Q&A session to help those you care about find direction in these uncertain times. Invite your friends and loved ones.

(30minutes) Every Wednesday at 4:00pm ET, beginning Wednesday, April 1st - June 12th

OPEN TO ALL: Growth IGNITED live podcast with Katherine Liola

And finally, twice a week please don’t miss our live storytelling podcast where Katherine interviews people from various backgrounds and careers (including an Olympian, multiple Emmy winner and Tech ) to hear about their personal journeys of growth, and how they arrived where they are today. Their stories will lift and inspire you.

(45 minutes) Every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 ET, beginning Tuesday, March 31st - June 12th

Teens and Young Adults: Resilience Building during Uncertain Times with Corinne Coppola, M.A.

As these warm, meditative workshop sessions with Corinne Coppola ended as April 30th, 2020, we invite you to connect with Corinne to learn more about her programs and services with teens and young adults. You can visit her online at   You can also reach her directly by email or phone 703-304-4255.

Mindful Parenting in Times of High Stress with Francine Ronis, LPC

As our well attended sessions closed out on May 14th, we invite you to connect with Francine Ronis, LPC, behavioral therapist and parent coach of these enlightening and beneficial discussions.  You can learn more about her services and work by visiting her online at or contacting her by email or phone 571-213-9215.